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(CAT) (VIDEO) - Splitting Segments in OmegaT | Roman Mironov

(CAT) (VIDEO) - Splitting Segments in OmegaT | Roman Mironov | Glossarissimo! |

"Feeling frustrated over a bunch of sentences packed into one segment? Want to break segments to get more repetitions?


Many OmegaT users admit that the current approach to segmentation in the program isn’t exactly straightforward. I agree. It’s not rocket science either, however. Indeed, to build smart and long-lasting rules, you need to understand regular expressions, which might be a challenge. But if you just want a quick fix for your current segment, knowing regular expressions is often unnecessary.

So let’s look at splitting segments with this kind of a “quick-fix” rule. Sometimes, a translator gets two sentences merged into one. They require splitting. In this example, the pattern joining the two segments is a tag between them. This tag is what I’m going to ..."

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