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(MULTI)-(PDF) - Pan-Latin Industrial Trucks Lexicon |

"Lexique panlatin des chariots de manutention

Léxico panlatino de las carretillas de manutención
Lexique panlatin des chariots de manutention
Lèxic panllatí de carretons de manutenció
Léxico panlatino de carretillas de almacenamento industrial
Lessico panlatino dei carrelli per movimentazione
Lexic panlatin al cărucioarelor de manipulare
Pan-Latin Industrial Trucks Lexicon

To produce this multilingual glossary, a team at the Direction des travaux terminologiques, a branch of the Office québécois de la langue française, began by drawing up a list of 300 concepts related to industrial trucks, based on the data contained in Le grand dictionnaire terminologique (GDT). After validating these concepts, the team prepared an English-French vocabulary, with definitions and notes, to serve as a reference tool for the project partners. This information could be consulted free-of-charge at all times via the Webbased GDT. Among other content, the partners thus had access to illustrations that they could associate with terms.

Based on this reference platform, the other participants provided appropriate equivalents in their respective languages, namely Catalan, Spanish, Galician, Italian and Romanian. OQLF personnel were responsible for combining the word lists provided for ..."

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Languages: Français, Català, Español, Galego, Italiano, Română, English

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