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Burmese/Karen Medical Glossary

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"This glossary contains over 2,400 biomedical English terms translated into Burmese and Karen, with corresponding English definitions. The first of its kind, this medical glossary supports the work of many dedicated individuals around the country who provide services to limited English-speaking patients in health care and social service settings. In a field where misinterpretation and misunderstanding can be serious and even fatal, finding the "right words" to interpret or translate medical terminology is a tremendous challenge. We hope this glossary helps in that valuable work. The terms and phrases included range from very technical biomedical terms, such as "hysterectomy," to less technical but equally challenging terms to translate, such as "shortness of breath." This medical glossary is not definitive; it is intended to provide a foundation in medical terminology. Each medical term or phrase in the glossary is accompanied by an English definition. Each definition captures the meaning and use of a word or phrase in a biomedical context. These definitions were reviewed and edited by medical professionals."

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