Intel unveils Thunderbolt 2 | ZDNet | Ah |
Intel has finally added branding to its next-generation Thunderbolt high-speed interface, calling it Thunderbolt 2.Thunderbolt 2, which had previously only been known by its code name Falcon Ridge, is a reworking of the original Thunderbolt interface to offer 20Gbps of bidirectional transfer rate.While this is double the effective transfer rate the original Thunderbolt offered, the overall transfer rate of a Thunderbolt port remains the same. Thunderbolt made use of four independent 10Gbps channels, two upstream and two downstream, whereas Thunderbolt 2 combines these four channels into two 20Gbps bi-direction channels.Thanks to this performance boost, Thunderbolt 2 will not only pave the way for faster external storage devices (Thunderbolt 2 offers a theoretical transfer rate of 1500MB/s, but you won't see this in real life), it will also offer official support for 4K video.The original Thunderbolt could support 4K video only if the port was used as a DisplayPort 1.2 connector because the 15Gbps transfer rate required by 4K video maxed out the 10Gbps channels offered by the first-generation Thunderbolt. Combining the four 10Gbps channels into two 20Gbps channels solves the problem.Click headline to read more--
Via Chuck Sherwood, Senior Associate, TeleDimensions, Inc