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Rescooped by Ursula Sola de Hinestrosa from Geography Education!

Aerial Photographs Catalogue the Life and Death of Volcanic Islands

Aerial Photographs Catalogue the Life and Death of Volcanic Islands | Agua |

Volcanic islands can seem to appear out of nowhere, emerging from the ocean like breaching monsters of the deep. Below, Mika McKinnon explains how these odd geological formations are born, how they evolve, and how they eventually vanish back beneath the waves.

Via Seth Dixon
Danielle Lip's curator insight, April 22, 9:59 PM

It is extremely interesting to see how these volcanic islands are creating themselves, this article talks about how these islands are born and why they are being created. Countless eruptions are bringing these islands to above sea level, creating the island basically "below the waves." After each eruption occurs it seems that once the volcano hits the sea floor it starts to build upwards, being not only a volcano island but also a coral reef. Are there other volcanic islands enlarging around the world besides the ones already found? Rock is eventually turned into sand and the volcano underwater becomes dominant and still, where nothing is occurring and the sand begins to pile up, which goes to show how the island is building gradually. The sand can also slip as well as seen in the picture all the way to the right, where parts of the island sink in and the water takes over.

The volcanic islands that have been researched and found are Tahiti, Pinta which is a dry volcanic island, with dark lava flows staining its flanks and lastly is Maupiti whose tip is poking barely 213 meters above the sea.

It is crazy to think that such a geological formation can be created just by the sea alone, it is scary to think of what else could happen to this world, no one really knows and no one really will. I wonder what these volcanic islands will be like in a few years, if the same processes will occur or something new because as we know everything can change at the drop of a dime.


WILBERT DE JESUS's curator insight, April 27, 12:56 PM

This pictures show how most islands in the pacific ocean have formed. They rise, erode and then desapear.

Kristin Mandsager San Bento's curator insight, May 4, 12:33 PM

This is an amazing event.  It's crazy how they can be born and die.  Which begs the point, what will happen with Hawaii?  Why do some islands survive?  

Rescooped by Ursula Sola de Hinestrosa from Geography Education!

Great Places

Great Places | Agua |
Hawaii, Kauai Island...where they shot the Jurassic Park...

Sometimes we all to see a fabulously gorgeous physical landscape and marvel at the beauty that is in this world.  For some other spectacular images, see this collection

Via Seth Dixon
Lauren Stahowiak's curator insight, April 23, 2014 6:23 PM

Here is a collection of imagines that encapsulate different landscapes and provokes different emotions. It is always nice to see pictures from places other than where you come from; the marvels of the world. 

Jess Deady's curator insight, May 1, 2014 10:41 AM

All these scoops are full of beautiful landscapes and places for tourists to visit. With Jurassic Park being such a big part of social culture and history, these landscapes are definitely worth venturing to. Hawaii is one of the biggest tourist and vacation spots in general. For all those who are able to travel there, they should invest in taking a trip to Kauai as well.

Hector Alonzo's curator insight, December 15, 2014 11:49 PM

These landscapes are amazing, seeing how different many of these place are and yet all beautiful, shows how the physical landscapes of the world are so diverse.

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