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Rescooped by Carlos Polaino Jiménez from visualizing social media!

Infographic: Hidden Facts About How Facebook Is Moderated

Infographic: Hidden Facts About How Facebook Is Moderated | Agrobrokercommunitymanager |

Have you ever wondered how Facebook is moderated? And with the global nature of Facebook, who are these moderators? 
The following infographic by Who Is Hosting This reveals the details about Facebook traffic, showing how Facebook moderators play a huge role in making sure that our newsfeeds are safe from offensive content. 
Other details include a look at the 800 to 1,000 Facebook moderators worldwide, the types of content that are subject to moderation, as well as the reporting process that the flagged content goes through before any decision is made about it.

Via Lauren Moss
Miguel Damiani's curator insight, April 17, 2015 8:01 PM

Muy interesante. Conviene enterarse.

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ajouter votre perspicacité ...

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Using Scoopit For Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Using Scoopit For Personal Branding and Online Reputation Management (ORM) | Agrobrokercommunitymanager |

I've been a Scoopiteer since Marc and Guilluame were kind enough to let me drive their very cool new car. Like many Internet marketers I have more and more content generating less and less control. 

The more content I add the more difficult it gets to keep up with. I've been wondering how to collect and watch my personal brand. Google Authorship has the promise of a collective personal "commons", but actually using authorship to help with such a practical application today feels remote.

Instead I've reorganized my Thank You feed for personal brand management. The mission is simple - create a single feed with the "best of" content from 5 blogs, 4 Twitter feeds, Google Plus, Storify, Facebook and Twitter. 

Think of the numbers. I create or curate over 50 posts a day and typically write at least 1,000 words. Translation: almost 400,000 words and 20,000 posts to keep up with each year. And I am by no means a PRO at this. Imagine what Michele Smorgon or Robin Good are managing (many multiples of Martin W. Smith). As Personal Branding ORM Solution
Scoopit can help. I changed all the sources to this feed (will rename it soon) to RSS feeds from the digital properties I contribute to regularly. I cleaned out ALL OTHER SOURCES. 

1. Change "Sources" To Feeds From Your Content.

I also changed the keywords to my name or social media synonyms such as @ScentTrail and @StoryofCancer.  These changes set up Scoopit so it watches my back, helps this feed curate from across time and many digital properties and catches reactions and content evolution. 

2. Change Keyords To Ones Relevant to You (your name, social names, etc.).

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Carlos Polaino Jiménez's insight:

Curation perfecta para quienes están en la fase de creación i estabilización  de un Online Reputation. Y a no olvidar por un Community Magager. 

Valerie van S's curator insight, January 21, 2014 6:26 AM

Great article if you are wondering about how to make Scoopit work for you.  

WebMarketingStore's comment, May 8, 2014 7:55 PM
Smart approach to ORM ~ I like!
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Rescooped by Carlos Polaino Jiménez from visualizing social media!

The Art of Creating Perfect Social Media Posts - infographic

The Art of Creating Perfect Social Media Posts - infographic | Agrobrokercommunitymanager |

Each social media operates a bit differently, and each brand's followers have their own preferences and moods.

The fact is that, there is no One-Size-Fits-All trick or strategy, however, there are some guidelines that can help you create the perfect social content.

Use this infographic to find tips on how to craft perfects posts for GooglePlus, YouTube, Blog, Tumblr, Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

Via Lauren Moss
Carlos Polaino Jiménez's insight:

Más recomendaciones para perfeccionar nuestras acciones en las redes sociales.

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this is great....

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Wonderfully explains all the tech language of diff social media sites, and how to attract the most attention!