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Addressing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with Technology

Addressing Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs with Technology | Technologies numériques & Education |

Technology is way too often given a bad rap by administrators and educators as a distraction or a hazard for students.  When technology is integrated intentionally with foresight and with intention of addressing specific growth-oriented goals, it increases the potential to help students learn, develop, and grow in unique ways.  It can be used to help address the needs as described by Maslow.

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Miep Carstensen's curator insight, February 2, 3:24 PM

Now here's a model I can work with...

Mechanical Walking Space Man's curator insight, February 6, 5:08 AM

"The first rule is so important, it’s RULE 0.… The new thing is never as good as the old thing, at least right now. Soon, the new thing will be better than the old thing will be." Seth Godwin

Raquel Oliveira's curator insight, February 6, 2:19 PM

gosto da premissa que tecnologia não endereça/resolve necessidades emocionais, básicas na pirâmide aqui ilustrada.

A hierarquia tecnológica de segurança, sociabilização, cognição, estética, etc é um excelente passo a passo para utilização da tecnologia como ferramenta de aprendizagem.

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La pyramide des besoins selon Maslow

La pyramide des besoins selon Maslow | Technologies numériques & Education |
La pyramide des besoins de Maslow schématise une théorie élaborée à partir des observations réalisées dans les années 1940 par le psychologue Abraham Maslow sur la motivation.
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