Collaboration Culture Behaviors needed.  Does it = Chief Collaboration Officer New Role ? | Agile Learning |

"As businesses become social businesses, collaboration and community skills are becoming the new workplace skills."

This post recalled one of the structural questions I like to consider in organization design:  how changing roles, goals procedures & relationships will foster collaborative culture through encouraging and supporting new skills.


[Consider what roles would] help identify what “good” collaboration behaviour might look like within [your] organisation, and to build an effective collaboration culture.

[A chief collaboration officer] will need:

  • to have a good understanding of the business, business processes and business strategy – not just learning theory
  • to appreciate that organizational learning involves more than just training people and that collaborative (or social) learning is a fundamental and natural part of doing social business.
  • a good knowledge of social and collaborative tools, and recognise that the primary collaboration platform in the organisation will be the one that underpins the work, ie some form of social intranet – but not a learning platform or system.
  • to believe that fostering a collaborative culture needs to be achieved by “modeling behaviours” - rather than training and testing competencies in order for workers to obtain their “collaboration license” before they are allowed on the network.

...developing collaborative skills will require an ongoing, adaptive, organic “modeling” process – not a one-off training event.