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"ePortfolios have significantly evolved! New companies, new options.  Learn about important trends in the ePortfolio industry."

Author Trent Batson provides a thorough and informative read on how technology is impacting education, jobs and careers through ePortfolio.  Once a curiousity, it appears now to be a significant force in the education, career building and learning process.  ~  Deb


"The un-tethered learner, the DIY learner, is a new phenomenon: It's the Gap Year taken to a new level..."



An electronic portfolio belongs to the learner: a Web-based application that can upload and store any file type to serve as evidence such as for graduation or to get a job.

It is thus an electronic record of achievement that can be culled and curated over time. It is a resume-maker with linked evidence.


Extensive interviews with 14 ePortfolio vendors revealed 12 intriguing findings.  A sample:

1.  New companies are entering the market:  SchoolChapters, Bedford/St. Martin's and Pathbrite, each is entering this market with realistic expectations as the ePortfolio provider world is less than 20 companies - a significant increase.

2.  Larger implementations. Typical campus implementations have moved to large program rollouts.

4.  Selling to individuals. Until this year, almost all ePortfolio accounts for students were created through an institutions.  Now a couple of companies are primarily or only selling to adult individuals. 

8.  Corporate market interest.   Online self-paced learning may be replacing training and may not be occasional but constant.  To show that an employee is up-to-date, an ePortfolio may be the best tool.

The un-tethered learner, the DIY learner, is a new phenomenon: It's the Gap Year taken to a new level, it's the semester abroad, the year off, the summer experience, the field study--all not as an interlude to "real" learning but as a genuine path to success in life.

ePortfolio providers are there to offer support for this new path. ePortfolios are ideal for the un-tethered learner, both within and without an institutional setting.

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