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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Leaping Learning Lizards! Lanyrd integrates with LinkedIn

Leaping Learning Lizards!  Lanyrd integrates with LinkedIn | Agile Learning |

Integration can be powerful.  This reverberates for many industries including learning, conferences as well as the professional speaking industies.



Lanyrd now helps LinkedIn users discover conferences and professional events based on their LinkedIn connections and profile information.

This fills a gap left by the shutdown of LinkedIn's events application and allows event organizers to continue to take advantage of LinkedIn to promote their events.

LinkedIn users can also use Lanyrd to build their own speaker profiles, get event information on their mobile phones and network more effectively with others at events.

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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Pinterest is Taking Curation to a Whole New Level - Here's Why

Pinterest is Taking Curation to a Whole New Level - Here's Why | Agile Learning |

Networks, people and business continues to intertwine themselves gently and fiercely, especially on Pinterest.  People don't want brands in their face, except for, perhaps, a favored few.  That may be enough for Pinterest.


I use ScoopIt for business & Pinterest for fun / people networks.  Check out my own boards on Pinterest and find out why, along with the review of Pinterest's success below.  

Also, my low-carb chocolate cake Pinterest referral link is here.



  • Pinterest has pulled quite a bit of attention away from Facebook.   From Oct. 2010 to Oct. 2011, the site grew from 40,000 to 3.2 million monthly unique visitors. That’s 8,000%. 

Pinterest curation in action:

  • Pinterest leverages web content from Tumblr like no site that has ever existed, thus riding on top of its network-effect while not requiring user generated content like many services.
  • They've also perfected in-network virality (pin, repin, like) in addition to out of network sharing (Facebook, Twitter) to grow virally.
  • For these reasons Pinterest could conceivable be the most successful site of its kind in the future.
  • Pinterest is [planning to] threatening to monetize, as those Midwest housewives are literally using it for shopping discovery, which Pinterest can profit off of by taking attribution for purchases that originate off its platform.
  • Several people have purchased stuff spontaneously via random discovery on the site.

Pinterest should be thriving a year from now .  The author suggests 30 million users next Thanksgiving - and spawning hundreds of copycat startups in other verticals.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


Read full article here: []  from AllTechie News

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

WXW Exchange and Open Space, Room for Introverts & Extroverts

WXW Exchange and Open Space, Room for Introverts & Extroverts | Agile Learning |

"If you count introversion as one of your prize attributes, here's my three cents about introversion & extroversion relevant to an Open Space event I'm facilitating at the Women's Exchange of Washtenaw this September."


First of all, extroversion & introversion are oversimplified terms, especially through the lens of work of Carl Jung.  Based on Jung, there are levels of understanding including one version, nicely described using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator the MBTI®, a tool to increase access to Jung's work, via Five Levels of Understanding:


  • The Five Levels of Understanding™ was created by Katharine Myers, to share her experience of type as a beckoning path of ever deepening knowledge of human behavior and life itself. This is the depth that MBTI type brings.


As I posted on the Reveln Consulting Facebook page in July:


  • ...using extrovert, introvert to describe a person is like using our known solar system to explain the universe. It's a way to begin, but there's a lot more out there: 
  • Using an MBTI approach, those using extroversion gain energy from using it as one of their top two mental functions as a 1st or 2ndary strength. We ALL have a balancing introvert side tied to one of our top two mental functions, based on Jungian theory.
  • One of those two mental functions is dominant and one is auxilary, a helper mental function of either perception or judgment.  

There's much more here on the nuances of introversion & extroversion via the Personality Pathways website that describes the order of preference using the MBTI.


A recent post by blogger and self-identified introvert Maria Ogneva lends itself to a feature of an advantage of Open Space:  choosing when, how and what contribute to a group.  You may chooseto observe, listen in on, or join in full dialog.

Read the full post and see all the diagrams & photos here.

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