Organizing and Curating Content is one of the Best Ways To Learn on a Subject | Agile Learning |

"There is no better way to learn something than to research, organize and build a personal framework of information, facts, resources, tools and stories around it," says Sam Gliksman.


And from Robin Good:


Curation can therefore be a revolutionary concept applicable both to learners and their approach as well as to the new "teachers" who need to become trusted guides in specific areas of interest.


Robin selected several excerpts to illustrate from Gliksman's post:


  • Reliance on any type of course textbook – digital, multimedia, interactive or otherwise – only fits as a more marginal element in student-centered learning models.
  • Lifelong learners need to be skilled in finding, filtering, collating, evaluating, collaborating, editing, analyzing and utilizing information from a multitude of sources.
  • Textbooks are an important gateway - a starting point ...we should encourage the “critical reading” of textbooks)
As a process consultant and facilitator of groups, this quote especially caught my eye:


  • ...the process of accessing, synthesizing and utilizing information is often as important as the product.

The full article is here.

Via Robin Good