The Rise of Social Learning with Results, at Work | Agile Learning |

A tidal wave of social learning is reshaping the way we experience new information, it 'connects people in ways that make learning a joy,' and encourages creativity & productivity."

I'm intrigued and encouraged by the evolution of social learning, informed by flexible, large group methods, like "Open Space" and the mainstream presence of social media.  This article spotlights the trend & developments.  ~  Deb


As businesses become more globalized, people are discovering more flexible, engaging ways to make connections with each other. We’re now able to cast a net into the ebbs and flows of relevant information that surrounds us.

Marcia Connor, in a recent Fast Co. article summarizes,  

  • “Social learning combines social media tools with a shift in the corporate culture, a shift that encourages ongoing knowledge transfer and connects people in ways that make learning a joy.”

  • New technologies are making it possible to create vibrant working environments that are “enthusiastically supported, where your sense of wonder returns and creativity blossoms — where people thrive.”

Why has the business world taken such a siloed approach to learning for so long?

It's beyond the org chart.

Professionals are using social learning strategies to build their own personal learning networks (PLN) to keep up to date on topics of interest.

Read the full article here.

DN: There are problems, of course, with information overload. We can help manage this by using good tools to channel and inform our interests, learning groups and tasks.

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