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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Social Media AND Social Learning, the Behavioral Difference | Education News

Social Media AND Social Learning, the Behavioral Difference | Education News | Agile Learning |

Social media is the platform and social learning is the act.  

(paraphrased by me - dn)

Social learning... is the act of exchanging ideas, knowledge or information through social media means.

Marcia Conner and Tony Bingham, in The New Social Learning, define social learning as:

  • ...people becoming more informed, gaining a wider perspective, and 
  • being able to make better decisions by engaging with others.
  • ...acknowledg[ing] that learning happens with and through other people, 
  • a matter of participating in a community, 
  • not just by acquiring knowledge.

Social learning is a behavior. It is not a separate behavior outside of the overall learning spectrum, but one that is also relatively new. One cannot assume that by enlisting in a Facebook or Twitter account (social media examples) that the user will be able to socially learn.

Organizations not only need to help with the definition of learning, they need to provide the right opportunities to help their employees understand how to socially learn as well.

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Scooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN!

Peer & Social Learning Unconferences: The what, the why, the how

Bruce Eckel covers what Open Spaces are how they are run, and resolves many misconceptions about 'Unconferences'.  10 seconds into this video, and you'll see the first of the mechanics for how it works, as well as lessons that Bruce has learned in doing UnConferences.

Even though this video is titled, "Open Spaces" - it really is about running an Unconference, step-by-step, using Open Space concepts.  The two concepts are a bit different.

Open Space tends to be about developing actions as take aways focused around a central theme or issue.  It is not necessarily focused primarily on learning and exchange, although it CAN be, as I will be demonstrating in a learning & dialog focused 30 minute Open Space demonstration/learning event at a panel/open space combo event at our April, 2012 session for the Assn. for Change Management Practitioners in Las Vegas.

UnConferences are about learning and dialog, in an open, self-directed format where participants co-create & co-own the outcomes.  

Here's a collection of UnConference videos, interviews, and how-to resources that you might find useful, as deemed by my perspective as a facilitator and change strategist/organization development practitioner:

Two views of What is an UnConference?  Brief video

Show and tell, photos of an unconference in action.

Video I (part of a series) of healthcare & teamwork UnConference in action.

How to run a great UnConference session.

How to prepare to attend an UnConference, especially if you might be facilitating dialog in an UnConference session.

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