Peer Learning Circles - What are they? | Agile Learning |

Peer Learning  embraces learning from your peers’ experiences and insights.

It is working with like-minded individuals that want to cooperatively develop their knowledge and expertise based on shared experiences, ingenuity and creativity. 

How does Peer Learning work?

Peer Learning involves a group (called a “Circle”) of anywhere from 8 to 15 people.  [It may be people from all of one strata, such as Executive Directors] meeting on a regular (monthly) basis, and discussing issues of common concern or interest.

Over the course of several meetings, participants develop a strong level of trust and familiarity with their peers in the Circle, which facilitates effective sharing and powerfully supportive dialogue among all participants.

The Circle meetings are managed by an experienced facilitator, to ensure that agreed ground rules are followed, and that all participants benefit from the process. While structured, the sessions are generally free-flowing, fast-paced and energizing.

Veterans of past Peer Learning offerings commonly report that it is the most significant professional development opportunity that they have experienced.

What does the Circle discuss?

The Circle members decide this for themselves at each meeting, setting the topic of discussion for the following meeting.

Depending on the topic agreed upon, the facilitator may select one or two resource articles to circulate to the group in advance of the next meeting, in order to provide basic information and context for the discussion.