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Pinterest THIS!  It's an opportunity to channel your connect-the-dots ability into absorbing this prescient piece from Brain Pickings.


It may strike you as sophisticated & illuminating  or wandering and confusing, depending on how it grabs your favorites or introduces you to unknown history.  


Some excerpted nuggets:

"...contemporary visual culture:  the convergence of highbrow and lowbrow, the vernacular of advertising, the dynamics of newspaper and magazine publishing, the creation of avant-garde mass culture, and a wealth in between."


"The purpose of this inventory is to draw a circle around a body of objects; to take stock of their common properties; and to tell a story about where they came from, what they were, and where they led.


Their variety is such as to sustain a multiplicity of narrative threads: about

  • the rise of a new photo-driven graphic vernacular;  
  • the triumph of a certain cognitive/cultural style;  
  • criss-crossing between high and low,  
  • erudite and the mass cultural;  
  • the shifting boundaries between books, magazines, music, television, and film.” 

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