ADDIE isn't Dead; it's just more Agile | Agile Learning |

ADDIE stands for Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. Of course, we are using DADDIE now, having added Define to the beginning of each project. No ADDIE isn't dead. But it is evolving.

ADDIE should be considered circular.

...This enables ADDIE to be more Agile.

And that's why the Agile method is so appealing. It seems everywhere we go these days, a major aspect of a project is speed. How fast can it be built and rolled out? In our frantic world, this is likely true no matter which industry you are in.

The speed in which we can effectively perform this with ADDIE will always be a factor.

....Imagine a scenario where we keep addressing critical needs until there aren't any. Wow, that would be performance improvement in an organization.


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