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Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Stuff Curators Say - [Parody] - Filtering is Sexy!

This is a satire of the trendy term, Curation.  Note: apologies to the PG language in the labeling.

Parody shakes up the boundaries of taking ourselves too seriously, especially in social media with #curation trending, heh.


Satire is a lesson, parody is a game.  ~  Vladimir Nabokov




In response to the original Mashable article, "S**t People Say", the scoopit team Ally Greer and Axelle Tessandier ...did a parody on 'S**t Curators Say". 


...hilarious.  It's good to laugh at ourselves!!


Also see the video here:

Via janlgordon
Karen Dietz's comment, February 3, 2012 12:52 PM
What a hoot! Thanks for sharing.
Rescooped by Deb Nystrom, REVELN from Curating-Social-Learning!

Great Content Curation Models: E-learning Examples by David Anderson

Great Content Curation Models: E-learning Examples by David Anderson | Agile Learning |

Here's another helpful curation example reviewed by Robin Good, curation meister, featuring the areas of "multimedia journalism", "infographics" and "html5" among others.


The author in Elearning Examples has written and edited a specific information card with images and links to the work being referenced.


The design of the site and the quality  examples showcased highlight what good "content curation" is. 


See if you agree:  no noise or regurgitation of information, rather sense-making on the topic.


David Anderson is an e-learning designer & community manager at Articulate who has curated this set of galleries.


Inspiring. 9/10




David Anderson's blog: 


His Twitter channel:!/elearning 


(Reviewed by Robin Good)

Via Robin Good, janlgordon, catspyjamasnz, Heiko Idensen
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