Curation Tech-Hustler:  Guillaume Decugis, CEO & Co-Founder of | Agile Learning |

Guillaume Decugis has some tech cred to his name.  For example:


  • his previous company, Musiwave, became the leading Mobile Music Service Provider in Europe and was sold for $120 million in 2006 to Microsoft.
  • he also launched Goojet, a mobile social media app which topped 1 million downloads in France at the end of 2010.

Now, he is the CEO & Co-Founder of, the publishing-by-curation platform that makes it easy to create an online magazine on your favorite topic. You are reading it, via my Social-Peer Learning, Curation curated digital magazine right now.  

This post has a Vimeo interview with him, and, I quote, "Listen to his true tech hustler story now."  Heh, it's a great entry for 2012, a year for tech mobile, curation, cloud & results.   

Thanks for finding my curation news on the Reveln brand of ScoopIt.  Happy New Year!  Warmly,  Deb