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Scooped by Dominique DE PREMOREL!

Démarrer le lean at Lean & SI – Lean IT

Démarrer le lean at Lean & SI – Lean IT | Agile & Lean IT |
Communauté Lean & SI (Institut Lean France – Telecom ParisTech)
Dominique DE PREMOREL's insight:

Les promesses du lean ont tout pour séduire les acteurs de l'informatique. Mais par où commencer pour faire du lean ? Pierre Pezziardi partage ici sont expérience lean informatique dans le help desk :

- le lean commence par avoir l'obsession du client

- le feedback comme élément clé du lean

- l'idéal de service

- la clé : son implication dans le PDCA

- Résultats : les détails qui comptent

Retrouvez-le également à la conférence Lean IT Summit 2013 : ;

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Rescooped by Dominique DE PREMOREL from Free Open Source Apps and Tips for SMBs!

For Continuous Improvement, Put the PDCA Principle to Work

For Continuous Improvement, Put the PDCA Principle to Work | Agile & Lean IT |

Look up W. Edwards Deming on the Internet and you will learn that he revolutionized manufacturing practices If you’re a small business owner  there’s a concept Deming popularized that you can apply. It’s called PDCA, for plan / do / check /act. It’s a way to improve the processes a company implements by making sure those processes produce ever-better outcomes. Let’s say you want to increase profitability by doing three things: Schedule better, train current field employees, and make sure all materials are on the job when needed. So you write a six-week plan calling for you to buy and learn a scheduling program, set up an on-site training to train workers, and start ordering materials four days ahead of needing them. Suppose you did all those things. Congratulations: You accomplished the “Plan” and “Do” parts of PDCA.

The key to success in PDCA lies in the last two components: check and act. This cycle is repeated continuously as the company matures and different problems arise. That’s why Deming’s PDCA cycle also is called “continuous improvement.”

Via Ashok Ramachandran
Ashok Ramachandran's curator insight, March 8, 2013 7:01 PM

Everyone wants to improve things. But, here is a scientific approach that will allow you to figure out what works and make that a part of your new way of doing business.