Big Data technology evaluation checklist | Agile |

'When evaluating big data technology, it can be valuable to ask companies about their ability to deliver some of these fundamental capabilities. If you get an unsophisticated answer, you may find that the company is not as serious or capable as you might have expected.


Some general questions to begin the evaluation process:


* Does the solution allow for stream processing, and incremental calculation of statistics?

* Does the solution parallelize processing and take advantage of distributed computing?

* Does the solution perform summary indexing to accelerate queries of huge datasets?

* What are the solution’s data exploration and evaluation environments that enable a quick understanding of the value of new datasets?

* How does a solution directly provide or easily integrate with visualization tools?

* What is the strategy for verticalization of the technology?

* What is the ecosystem strategy?

* How does the solution provider fill the gaps in its capabilities through partnerships?'


Via Andrew Spong