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Scooped by Susan Kay Daniels

5 Tools for Sparking Content Ideas • Webfor®

5 Tools for Sparking Content Ideas • Webfor® | ↬  Curate ᔥ Tools 'n' Tips | Scoop.it
Content aggregating tools are nothing new. I also use Bloglines where I gradually add RSS feeds from sites I want to monitor and organize them by topic. But if you want to bypass the work yourself, Alltop does it for you.
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How To Start Curating Content: Tips and Tools Advice from Amy Schmittauer

Robin Good: Amy Schmittauer has some good basic tips if you are new to content curation and are curious to know which tools you could use to get your feet wet.


In this yet undiscovered three-minute video from this past summer, Amy introduces and explains the pros and cons of using Paper.li, Storify and Google Alerts.


Useful for beginners. Informative. 7/10


Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iSRd8mK5KI&feature=colike

Via Robin Good
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Scoopit and Content Marketing Analysis

Analysis of two years of Scoopit use to curate and create content marketing.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Susan Kay Daniels's insight:

I've had such a wonderful time bring new traffic to my site and meeting new friends on Scoop.it. I am pleased to share this slide presentation with you from Martin Marty Smith. I believe you will find it informative.



Susan Daniels


Social Media Marketing MEGA Resources

Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, May 3, 2013 11:24 PM

Had fun creating a series of charts showing how each content marketing feed created on Scoop.it make a contribution to a tapestry of content marketing.

Brian Yanish - MarketingHits.com's curator insight, May 5, 2013 8:46 AM

Thanks Marty for sharing.

SHARING is a key part of this web social economy we are living in right now. It started with content, (message boards, blogs) and now has moved on to cars (Zipcar), bikes (Citi Bike) and beds (AirBnB). 

We are becoming more connected than ever before and OUR online profiles, that WE and OTHERS create about US is driving this sharing economy.

Marty, I know you and I have never met in person but via Scoop.it and social sharing we are connected. Interesting how business is changing.

Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, May 5, 2013 7:29 PM
Agree Brian. When SHARING is at the core many things change such as: competition, how we scale, how we make money and how and what we support.

In a social sharing time we compete in a more collaborative way where rising tides lift all boats. I was shocked to be in a meeting the other day where someone was pithing the idea of unilateral zero sum benefit. Shocked because everyone I work with get it - that doing the right thing is increasingly the right thing to do. I wasn't going to convince this particular manager that WE are stronger than I or ME, but most of us are getting it and that is one of the things driving Scoop.it's success :).M
Rescooped by Susan Kay Daniels from Content Curation World

Content Curation:Tips, Tactics, Tools & Techniques You Need To Know

Content Curation:Tips, Tactics, Tools & Techniques You Need To Know | ↬  Curate ᔥ Tools 'n' Tips | Scoop.it

For this month's Net2 Think Tank, we asked you to share your tips, resources, and ideas about curating content at your organization or enterprise. Below, read the curated list of the community responses we received - and share your own tips in the comments!


Topic: What are your best practices for curating content? Share your tips, tactics, tools, and techniques for effectively curating to serve your audience. And, if you've written about curation in the past, share the link with us!


Here's a quick working definition to get us started: Content curation focuses on using the web to highlight important information in situations where information overload may be a problem. Many organizations today are writing on the web regularly to communicate with their audience. At the same time, information pollution is an increasing problem for the consumers of that content. As Will Coley explains, "when organizations offer clarity amidst the noise, they build trust among supporters"



Via janlgordon, Robin Good
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