African animation goes global | African Cultural News |

✧ “The South African animated movie Adventures in Zambezia was the highlight of the second Kunjanimation festival, held in Cape Town last week. Made by South African company Triggerfish, this story of a young falcon with an ubuntu message (tagline: “No bird is an island”) has been picked up by Sony and is getting a worldwide release.”

✧ ““One thing I have come across around the world,” says [Triggerfish chief executive Stuart] Forrest, “is how genuinely surprised audiences are that this film was made in Africa. It does not compute with their vision of a ‘dark continent’ with no technical skills, yet to date more than one million people have bought tickets to see the film. For those people, South Africa has been slightly reframed in their minds. We are a nation that is capable of producing upbeat, funny, heart-warming, child-friendly adventure stories.””