Africa: It's NOT a Country!
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Africa: It's NOT a Country!
Oftentimes, Africa is stereotyped as being an homogenous region. This misconception is often due to the fact that our textbooks teach Africa's history after colonialism.
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Rescooped by Mrs. Means: World Geography from Geography in the classroom!

AfriGadget: Recycling

A Cameroonian boy shows the recycled parts used to construct a toy RC car.


I originally found this video on one of the coolest websites ever: ; The website seeks to show people "solving everyday problems with African ingenuity." While the developed world lives in a commercial, disposable society, Africans often need to maximize the useablity of all objects. The solutions they come up with can show students that it is not all doom and gloom in Africa, an represent a triumph of the human spirit.

Via Seth Dixon, dilaycock
Wilmine Merlain's curator insight, December 18, 2014 4:00 PM

Africa has an advantage as being one of the youngest continent in the world. With child innovative projects such as this, in the near future, these kids will be able to compete with the rest of the world on a global spectrum. They are not bound by their circumstances but are finding new ways to create a better future for themselves

Matthew Richmond's curator insight, November 4, 2015 7:42 PM

Rescooped from Professor Dixon. Human's really are incredible. This is a pretty cool excerpt on a homemade tool in Africa. It also points out the extreme poverty they live their day to day lives with.

Martin Kemp's curator insight, December 17, 2015 2:54 PM

see this is how the world should be, making the best out of a situation and not just complaining about how you dont have toys, make a toy and enjoy it. also, i probably would not have been able to make that.

Rescooped by Mrs. Means: World Geography from African News Agency!

Geopolitics and development in Nigeria

Geopolitics and development in Nigeria | Africa: It's NOT a Country! |
Nigeria will be the first economic potency of Africa in 2025. Rich in natural and poor resources in facilities, the country most populated with the continent attracts and worries the investors.

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Rescooped by Mrs. Means: World Geography from Cultural Geography!

TED Talk: The danger of a single story Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her authen...


To gain a global perspective inherently requires understanding multiple perspectives.  Africa is frequently portrayed as 'the other' but also homogenized within a single narrative that 'flattens' truth.  How do we teach about other places that develop geographic empathy and show the many stories of places?  

Via Seth Dixon
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