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nectarhoff: Anonymity in African Art

nectarhoff: Anonymity in African Art | Africa |
While we tend to learn about European painting as a progression of different historical movements characterized by particular artistic styles, this is not at all how African art is studied. On the contrary, African art is generally ...

Via Susan Myburgh
Inhye Kim's insight:

         African art is mostly based on its own tribe or its very own country. The artists use the difference of the regions to create a special style of African art. Even though Africa itself has its own style of art, other country people didn’t respect African artists. They were known as non-talented people who weren’t creative. This was the time when racism was going around, and it wasn’t just art that was ignored by people. Africa itself was known as the country without a history. The outsiders thought they didn’t have their own culture. African art was pretty much stolen by the Europeans, and their work was useless for the development of their country. The artists of Africa couldn’t develop any of their country’s art. Instead of getting admired by the audiences who look at their art, African art is getting ignored.

         This article helped me understand how racism had a great impact on the Africans. They had to suffer through the unfairness around the countries. They didn’t have any chance to defend themselves to protect their own art skills from the Europeans. The artists were basically treated like slaves and they weren’t known as artists who make crafts and paint. I could understand how they might have felt during this time of racism.

       I was very mad at the Europeans especially while reading this article. They didn’t have any rights to just still Africans artworks and to make them as their own. The racism itself gave me a negative feeling about this article. I personally don’t understand why racism happened in the history and I feel like it was very foolish of those people who treated the Africans cruelly. This was just unfair to Africa. I felt so bad and sorry for their art styles. I hope African art would soon develop and spread its own unique style to other countries.

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African marriage rituals - by Victoria Rose Perkins - Helium

African marriage rituals - by Victoria Rose Perkins - Helium | Africa |
African marriage rituals vary somewhat from region to region.  However, all Africans believe marriage is the most important ceremony in their..., Victoria Rose Perkins (African marriage rituals

Via ramblejamble
Inhye Kim's insight:

    This is about different marriage ceremonies of Africa. Africans think marriage is very important for their culture. Their marriage rituals have deep meaning, colorful, and they are enjoyable. There are some of the marriage ceremonies mentioned in this article. The Kubama ritual is the main marriage ceremony of Africa which focuses on the bribe. The audience show their happiness when they see the bribe. The bribe, has to wear her best looking colorful dress to make the crowd applaud richly. Also, the main point of this ceremony is for the bribe to show that she is now became an official woman. There is also another ritual of wedding when both the husband-to-be  and  the bribe’s families build a hut for the new couple. They build a fire and go on with the feasting and music until the new couple is left alone. After they've spent the night together, this ritual ends by mothers rubbing oil to their married children. Lastly, there is a broomstick festival where the couple jump the broom together and whoever jumped the highest will manage the housework. These are the kinds of marriage rituals in Africa. They think of marriage very important for their culture and their lives. They even say “A man without a wife, is like a vase without a flower.”

     This article helped me to understand more about African’s tradition and culture. It was very interesting how Africa’s marriage is very different from our modern marriage right now. I learned how they have their own unique ways to celebrate their marriages by themselves. They seemed like they enjoy celebrating the feasts and I could see their hard works for the preparation of the marriage.

      I really enjoyed reading this article. It was a great time for myself to learn new things about Africa. I thought it was great for the Africans to have their own ways to celebrate and enjoy the marriage. Even though the marriage in  Africa was very different from what I know, I thought it was very interesting and enjoyable. I felt like attending one of those marriages rituals one day in Africa.



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Education in Africa for Girls to get Better and Safer in the Coming Years

Education in Africa for Girls to get Better and Safer in the Coming Years | Africa |

Improvements in the education system in Africa have started rising since the past decade. In fact, the steps towards bringing developments in the African education scenario are being taken with such effectiveness that the girls who have been hiding behind the scenes for years will get immense academic exposure over time.

Via Leona Sharon, Nevermore Sithole
Inhye Kim's insight:

This article is about the improvements the Africans are trying to make in the educations in Africa. They are trying to improve the education by letting more girls in Africa to learn. There are several factors that are involved in the process of improving the education. The Aid of Africa provided a special fund for the girls to get scholarships and they gave support to the educational standards in Africa. The UNICEF have found out the importance of the education for girls in Africa. They found out that there were 40% of the girls in Africa who doesn’t know anything about the AIDS. The 8% of the women who completed the post-primary schooling sessions know little about the AIDS. This fact persuaded this organization how education is strongly needed for the girls in Africa. Lastly, the Kwagala Project is trying to help the uneducated girls in Africa to come out of the difficult situations by educating them. The improvements by these factors have started decades ago, and many people in Africa are hoping to see the changes by them.

             This article helps me to understand how African women have been suffering for a long time. They havn’t even got the right amount of education for the right age. Most of the women living in Africa have no-idea of the deadly diseases that could kill them. They were just living with no hope all these days. I could understand how ecucation was important for women living in Africa.

             The improvements of the organizations mentioned in the article have brought a new start to the African women. They tried their best to educate women in Africa. I thought it was really generous for them to help Africans. I also felt proud of their attitudes towards the African girls.

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Progreso política de educación en Nigeria

Kaleigh & Lauren:)'s curator insight, April 10, 2014 11:51 AM

Intellectual Arts:

Girls who work and recieve education give almost ninety percent of their salaries to their families. A special fund will be provided for African girls and they will be getting educational stipends and scholarships. This article discusses how these women will have theopportunity  to get a better education.

Investors Europe Stock Brokers's curator insight, April 25, 2014 2:31 AM

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Fair Trade in Africa Moves From Food to Fashion - Huffington Post

Fair Trade in Africa Moves From Food to FashionHuffington PostThe idea of fair trade as a development tool is old news.

Via Lee Pearson
Inhye Kim's insight:

The fair trade in Africa has developed thorough days. At first, They used coffee beans and chocolates for the trading materials. Then they started to change the goods into trading beads, bracelets, sandals, colorful fabrics and head wraps. They developed the fair trade by focusing on fashion. There are some organizations and people who participated in developing the trade for African economy. A clothing company named Maiyet said that they would use fashion to promote peace and economic sustainable. The UN and the WTO have partnered to work with Vivienne Westwood a designer, to use 7000 of Nairobian women to work on creating handbags to sell in high prices. Lastly, the organization called Indego Africa partnered with female artisans in Rwanda to create bracelets, necklace, and scarves for celebrities named Nicole Miller and J. Crew. Indego Africa was most successful for African lives. Most of the artisans in Africa were satisfied of their incomes from trading. Africans are now focusing in fashion to grab the interests of people to earn money.

             This article helps me how there are many organizations who are trying to develop Africa to make them have a sustainable economy. I also understood how Africa was trying their best to make changes in their own country to improve their lives.

             I personally enjoyed this article since it was pretty much based on fashion. I didn't know the organizations would have the idea of changing cash crops such as coffee beans to jewelries and beads. I really think it was great to change the crops in to fashion for the trade. I agree with the organizations that fashion grabs more attention of people than the coffee shops.

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An Investment Strategy in the Human Interest

An Investment Strategy in the Human Interest | Africa |

What if projects to end malaria or sleeping sickness were treated like business startups? The idea of development impact bonds is a step in that direction.  A bond for treating malaria in Mozambique is already in the works.

Via W. Robert de Jongh
Inhye Kim's insight:

sleeping sickness in West Africa.

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African Dance

African Dance | Africa |
Includes: • Characteristics of sub-saharan african dance • African movement • Preserving culture and spreading knowledge...

Via Sarah Stonesifer
Inhye Kim's insight:

The African dance is known as the oldest form of choreography in the world. The dancers in Africa learn the movements from early ages, and their dance is very famous in their country. Many dancers use drumming in their dances. There are some instruments played in this dance creating variety of rhythms for the dancers to express the purpose of their dance moves. The Africans also dance in the wedding ceremonies, funerals, and cultural events. The performers use many parts of their bodies to dance. They use kicks; rapid swings of arms, and jumps to perform their dance. Dancers in Africa spread their cultures and their own thoughts by dancing with all they can. They include powerful movements to show the audience of what they are feeling or experiencing.

             This article helped me to understand how dance was one of African’s unique entertainments to show their characteristics to the people around the world. The dance didn’t seem like the modern hip-hops or jazz type, but it sounded very traditional and meaningful. I felt like African was one of the greatest place where I could learn more about their cultural arts.

             This article led me more into African’s culture and their traditions. I thought it was very interesting of the ways the dancers use their bodies to express their feeling to the rhythm of the music. I felt like their dance would have a very deep meaning or a thoughtful message for those who are watching. This article reminded me of the film “War Dance” that I’ve watched in my class. I thought of the Swahili children dancing while I read this article. 

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World Music Festival: Repainting Uganda | The Pearl Guide Uganda

World Music Festival: Repainting Uganda | The Pearl Guide Uganda | Africa |
Milege's 2013 edition of the Annual Uganda World Music Festival at Lake Victoria Serena Hotel.

Via Ugtrendz , HarlemCondoLife
Inhye Kim's insight:

      This article I chose is about the music festival that took place at the resort in Lake Victoria last year, November. This festival was an event to discover the culture and traditional things of Uganda. There were several bands and musicians who performed in this event. There was Milege Afro-Jazz band which included six members: Manana Francis Birabi(the guitarist), Muhwezi Aricho ( keyboard player), Nakalubo Peter (drummer), and Akugizibwe Gloria (the lead singer). This band’s name was selected from the Japhadola tribe in the East of Uganda. The name symbolizes the king of the tribe. Milege Afro-music band has its own style to perform the beauty of its diverse cultures to the Ugandans. This band is also trying to promote the national unity to the people, since it is failing over the years. The other performers were: The West Nile band who sand different songs in Uganda languages, Joe from the Qwela band singing three songs, the drumming group of seven man named Saba Percussions, and Nawan who performed songs in native languages. Even though this festival didn't have many audiences, it was a great time for those people to discover new talents of Uganda.

      By reading this article, I learned how Ugandans were eager to spread their talents to the people living in Africa. I could see their efforts to work hard to show what specialties they've got. By the list of many bands in Africa, I realized how there were many Africans who loved music and how different ways they used music compared to my own country.

     This article was very entertaining for me. I was curious about how Uganda’s music was like since I was watching the film in my social studies class. It was very interesting of the bands who used music to spread Uganda’s culture. I thought they were very brave and bold to do this. I wouldn't have any bravery if I were one of them. I appreciated the effort of the bands mentioned in this article. They just looked so amazing.

Ericzo V Britania's curator insight, February 24, 2014 12:26 AM

      The article is about people playing music in the concert in the country in Uganda, Africa.  The main ideas is about how people play music in the concert to earn money. It also help people by people donating money to the poor people in Uganda. Even though Uganda people or the government himself didn't earn much money. Still this small portion amount is helping the peoples.

    This article help me more understand more about Africa by explaining to us that some people need money. Some people need help so, and some people is willing to help. I already know this but, this is more information.  

    This article is really interesting because, it show how there are still nice people in Africa who is helping the people who is poorer than him. That is really nice out of them. I really think they're good.

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Women's Education in Africa | WAAW Foundation Blog

Women's Education in Africa | WAAW Foundation Blog | Africa |
Some of us know someone who couldn't complete her education for financial reasons. We all know one or more families or the other struggling in poverty. Female education in Africa is suffering due to reasons like poverty or ...

Via LaylaR
Inhye Kim's insight:


Alicia Lee's curator insight, January 20, 2014 8:12 AM

After reading this article I have learnt more about gender inequality and poverty in Africa. I have always know about these issues in Africa. Education is the key to your future and success. I think that it is really unfair to think that women are supposed to stay at home and take care of children so they do not need to have education. I think everyone should be given education as everyone can contribute to the society. There are even women who does better in both studies and work than men. After reading this, I have learnt that education is a gift from heaven and whoever has that gift have to cherish it. No matter what gender are you, everyone has to be treated equally. I wonder has anyone stood up for these issues and tried to correct it.

Navas Ibraahim's curator insight, January 24, 2014 11:31 AM

To me the word 'poverty means the state or condition of having no money or means of any support and having limited access to education.  African women do not even know some of the basic education because they are adapted just to become a housewife.

I also think that education is one of the golden paths to be taken to get out of poverty. 

After reading this article, I think I should change my idea that education is a choice . I think that every single  female should be given equal rights as males to be educated as they are capable of making


Richel's curator insight, April 8, 2015 1:30 PM


this connects to intellectual because It talks about motivating and helping women finish their schooling. Women used to not finish their education because they were just going to be married or weren't expected to own land. Now women should learn because Now they can choose their marriage and because if microfinancing they can create their own buisness


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First Malaria Vaccine Could Hit The Market In Africa By 2015, After 3 Decades ... - Medical Daily

First Malaria Vaccine Could Hit The Market In Africa By 2015, After 3 Decades ... - Medical Daily | Africa |

Medical Daily First Malaria Vaccine Could Hit The Market In Africa By 2015, After 3 Decades ...

Via Jynto
Inhye Kim's insight:


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How the stink of a waterbuck could prevent sleeping sickness in Kenya

How the stink of a waterbuck could prevent sleeping sickness in Kenya | Africa |

A collar worn by livestock containing animal odour repellent to the tsetse fly could transform the lives of farmers in Kenya, reports Laila Ali. The tsetse fly, found in 37 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, can be a curse for smallholder farmers and their families. The flies carry the trypanosome parasite that can cause sleeping sickness in humans and nagana in livestock. But a group of scientists in Nairobi is developing a powerful insect repellent using the stench of waterbucks, a type of large antelope.

Inhye Kim's insight:

      This article is about the cure of the sleeping sickness caused by the tsetse fly. The tsetse flies are found in many countries of sub-Saharan Africa. These countries have been affected by the tsetse flies badly. These flies caused a great loss of their agriculture by killing many cows. This was a serious problem for many vilagers since they couldn't get food supplies. The ICPE(International Centre for Insect Physiology and Ecology) gave great help to the Africans. This organization found out that the flies avoided the stinkiness of the waterbucks. They found out the chemical components of the waterbucks and filled it in a tube long enough to tie into cow's neck. This was a great success, and they made lots of them to give out to the people who were suffering from the disease.

       This article helps me to understand how tsetse flies have been negatively affected in many parts of Africa. This was the reason why the Africans were worried about the health and their food supplies. I also found out that cows were important for them in thier agriculture life. I could understand how hard time Africa had before the invention of the collart for the tsetse flies.

      I think this article was really interesting. I really thought the organization of ICIPE has done a great job on inventing the collar for the cows. I fthey weren't there to help, I predict that Africa will be filled with sick people and cows. In my opinion, this article gave out the idea that there is always a cure for the unknown disease. It's just us who can't find it. I really appriciated their acts towards the Africans and how they've suceeded their big task.

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