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Google’s droids to take on Amazon’s drones for manufacturing and home deliveries

Google’s droids to take on Amazon’s drones for manufacturing and home deliveries | Aerospace |

Andy Rubin, the Google executive who developed Google’s free Android software, has revealed to The New York Times he is working on a secret Google project to create a new generation of robots.


The goal: improve the efficiency of manufacturing of small electronics — now largely manual — and packing goods in warehouses, and ultimately making home deliveries — perhaps via Google-designed autonomous vehicles.


“Google has recently started experimenting with package delivery in urban areas with its Google Shopping service, and it could try to automate portions of that system,” the Times suggests.


Google executives describe this robotic vision as a “moonshot.” But it appears to be “more realistic than Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service,” opines the Times.


Stephen Colbert begs to disagree: “These Amazon drones are a great idea, and guaranteed to be safe, thanks to all the drone testing we’ve done overseas. I mean, worse-case scenario, a few homes get carpet-gifted with some collateral generosity.”

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Jerome Libeskind's curator insight, December 11, 2013 8:28 AM

Après les drones et les fusées, voici les robots....

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Drones, Open Source Warfare, and Peak Armaments

“Drones are essentially flying–and sometimes armed–computers,” the Brookings Institution noted in a paper published last month. They’re robots who follow the curve of Moore’s Law rather than the Pentagon’s budgets, rapidly evolving in performance since the Predator’s 2002 debut while falling in price to the point where Make magazine recently carried instructions on how to launch your own satellite for $8,000.



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This is a good indicator that this industry is an up and growing, and will be big soo. The FAA will now open airspace soon for the average consumer so the amound of possible options for work will increase dramatically

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