Librarians are go: How to raise your profile within and without the school community | Advocating for School Libraries |

Stacey Taylor:

"We need to encourage quality teachers into the Teacher Librarian fold and to ensure that there are jobs for them to go to. We need to sell our wares to our own communities so that we become planning, teaching and change ...


'So how might we do this?

Go to as many faculty meetings as possible, offer your services whenever possible to whoever will work with you.
Develop some expertise that is unique and useful to your community.
Write and publish wherever possible
Talk to teachers and then talk some more
Make connections in person and online
Build relationships
Share successes and opportunities for learning
Project energy and enthusiasm
Take on projects that others may not think of
Partner with people that will help you further your aims."

Via Karen du Toit, Patrick Provencher, Dr. Laura Sheneman