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No More Waiting with Plainfield Illinois Plumbers

Emergency plumbing services from qualified professionals's insight:

Plainfield, IL --  04/23/2015 -- Plumbing emergencies cannot wait and Plainfield Illinois plumbers company, 'A Plumber in 1 Hour' understands this very well which is why, they are known to offer emergency services for a variety of plumbing duties no matter how big or small they are.

A plumbing disaster can not only put the entire house on hold but, also cause significant damage to the valuables of the house, not to mention add to the frustration of a busy day. A Plumber in 1 Hour specializes in dealing with emergencies that can easily escalate into something more serious. The company offers services that can be availed within an hour sending out professionals to cease the disaster from happening or from nipping the problem in the bud. 

In addition to providing professional care for a wide range of plumbing needs, the company also believes in educating the customer about how such emergencies can be avoided in the first place. Easy tips and tricks on preventive maintenance offered by the company can help anyone with no elaborate knowledge on the subject employ certain measures so as to ward off annoying problems that might turn nasty. 

At this company, it is about healthy plumbing not just about profit making because the professionals here take their job seriously to enable customers get the most out of their investment in terms of time, money and effort. While there are a host of featured services customers can expect to get from the company, they can also expect to learn a great deal about their plumbing framework inside the house so as to take charge when a problem is approaching. 

About A Plumber in 1 Hour
With more than a decade of experience in the business, the company continues to be a preferred choice for the residents of Chicago city. Adept at offering both commercial as well residential plumbing services, this group of Plainfield Illinois Plumbers are capable of handling any plumbing need from fixing clogged drains to replacing a sewer line. 

A Plumber in 1 Hour also offers incredible discounts on its low priced services in addition to free estimate for new customers. To know more and to book an appointment, please click on the link,

Media Contact

A Plumber in 1 Hour
Taylor Thomas 
12006 Spalding School Dr, 
Plainfield IL 60585

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Know More About the eBook 'Capture His Heart' Through Reviews

Find the secrets on how to take commitment from your man's insight:

Minato, Japan 07/02/2014:The book ‘capture his heart‘ is written by the experts Claire Casey and Michael Fiore. They guarantee that a single woman will find a man of her dreams who will be committed lifelong as her partner. They can also revive their failing relationship into a successful one. For more information in this regard log onto

This is an interesting book that allows woman to have long lasting relationship with the man she desires. She will be amazed to see the results after using the tips and techniques from the book. This book helps women to find everlasting relationship and happiness with right men. Some of the key highlights of the book emphasize the psychology of men and how to overcome the barriers in relationship.

Authors offer useful tips and techniques to control men who do not commit or moving away from women. The e-book teaches women on how to use emotions to control men or keep them intact. Authors also stress the importance of projecting confidence in men by assuring their independence. For a strong relationship, women must discover men’s desires and expectations from the relationship. It is essential to discover what a man wants from women apart from sex. To lead a successful relationship, woman must praise her man and encourage him to do what he wants. 

About Capture His Heart
This is an eBook that highlights the importance of understanding men and their behaviors. Authors of the book have thoroughly analyzed and researched various aspects that can influence men’s relationship. To know more about the book read real reviews online.

Media Contact:
Claire Casey and Michael Fiore, 

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Adonis Golden Ratio Review Published

Gives handy information to users about the program's insight:

Minato, Japan 07/01/2014 :Health Internetwork has offered Adonis Golden Ratio Review to make things clearer to those who want to follow the program.


Adonis Golden Ratio is a book based on studies of John Barban, who is a fitness expert with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in human biology and nutrition. His approach to the study was mostly physiological. He takes into account the fact that people often look at others and gauge them based on their appearances. Hence whether one likes it or not, physical appearances matter.

John went on to study classic attractive shapes and has come up with a mathematical formula that can tell people the best shape and conditioning for their bodies. According to him, the ratio between shoulder and waist is important in defining attractiveness of a man’s physique and that’s taken into consideration while creating this program. 

Quite simply, the Adonis Index is what is used to calculate one’s ideal size while ideal AI ratio is the proportional measurement of shoulder circumference to waist circumference. Knowing these important facts, people can start with their training to ensure that they get to their attractive physiques. Add to that there’s the Adonis Index community that offers answers to questions and doubts one might have about the program. 

The twelve week program has been designed keeping one’s measurements and goals in mind. Thus it ends up giving people highly personalized results. What’s more, it has different sections for Nutrition and Training information that make things simple for users. They can find out more about the program through the review and get started at the earliest. 

About Health Internetwork
Health Internetwork is an information database for users who want to make a positive impact on their overall health. For more information about this particular program one can visit

Media Contact

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British Paper Highlights Puglia As The Ideal Spot For A Gourmet Vacation In Italy

Prominent British periodical The Independent recently singled out Puglia as the perfect destination      for a ‘foodie’ vacation in Italy.'s insight:

Leading British newspaper The Independent recently ran a feature on its website highlighting Puglia’s merits as perhaps the best destination for a food-centric vacation in Italy.


In the lengthy article, posted in the newspaper’s Travel section, one of The Independent’s staff writers headed to Puglia and gave his personal impressions of the range of delicacies a foodie on  vacation in Italy  may find in that region.


As the Italian province that produces the highest volumes of olive oil, it would not be a stretch to imagine that most of the region’s main dishes revolve around this particular ingredient. However, olive oil is not the only secret to Puglian cuisine, being only one of the many staples of Mediterranean cuisine the region uses to create its mouth-watering local specialities.


In what can be considered a sort of blueprint for all Mediterranean cuisine, Puglia’s main regional dishes make liberal use of what is known in Italy as ‘cucina povera’, or ‘poor man’s cooking’. This is a style of cooking that derives from peasant culinary traditions and revolves around affordable, easy-to-acquire ingredients such as pasta (the staple of Italian cuisine), vegetables (often locally grown), seafood, and the aforementioned olive oil. It is the combination of some or all of these simple ingredients that brings about the exquisite delicacies one can taste in Puglia.


Some of the region’s other claims to fame include mozzarella – still one of Puglia’s most famous and popular exports – and, of course, wine, one of the main exports of Italy as a whole.


To become better acquainted with these delicacies, tourists on vacation in Italy and visiting Puglia can embark in one of any number of food tours of the region, offered by both local and international operators. Typically thorough, these dedicated holidays can enable foreigners to become acquainted with typical Pugliese gastronomy one town at a time, and will no doubt interest ‘foodies’ on vacation in Italy.


About Essential Italy:


Essential Italy provides affordable, good-quality, authentically Italian villa, hotel or apartment accommodation in Puglia, Sardinia, Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, and the Amalfi Coast. Contact them at


Contact Details:

12 George Street

Cambridge, CB4 1AJ

United Kingdom

+44(0)1223 460100

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D’Alexander Encourages Listeners to ‘Be Great’ on Debut Release

Hip Hop artists D’Alexander has had a passion for music since he was a child and has worked as an artist since he was a teenager.'s insight:

MIAMI, Florida (April 18, 2014) -- Hip Hop artists D’Alexander has had a passion for music since he was a child and has worked as an artist since he was a teenager. Then known as D-Tek, he decided to take his career in a different direction.


Having re-named himselfD’Alexander, the rapper is proud to announce the release of his debut solo work, The Great. The five-track EP contains hard club songs as well as softer R&B sounds. One such track, “Take You Down”, is described as a throwback to the slow jams that once dominated the ‘90s. The release strives to show D’Alexander’s growth as an artist and encourage others to achieve greatness of their own.


“My inspiration for the title and concept is not to sound arrogant;it’s more of a resolution and conclusion. I summarize it best in my last song on the EP where I express that I have no other choice but to BE GREAT! So hopefully that comes through in the message and vibe that it isn’t only to show out but to express my focus and determination,” said D’Alexander.


Following the release of his debut single, D’Alexander was chosen to appear on DJ Epp’s compilation, My Deadly Venoms. The compilation also features the work of Trick Daddy, Wyclef Jean, and French Montana, among others. He also won the Coast2Coast Live Video contest with his follow-up single, “Tryna Get Mine”.


The EP, which was released on his own label in March of this year, is currently available anywhere digital music is sold. To learn more about D’Alexander and his work, please visit his website at . He is also active on social media and YouTube, where he posts his music videos and song samples.


Media Contact :

Be Great Music, LLC

16745 Hemingway Drive,

Weston FL, 33326

(305) 741-3470

David Sandoval


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Teddies and Babydoll Lingerie: Cute Stuff for the Big Girls

The fierce types are for the brave of heart.'s insight:

Teddy bears and baby dolls are great toys for young girls. However, big girls also have their own teddies and babydolls and they come in erotic and sexy designs and styles. If you will visit an erotic lingerie online shop, you will be able to see a wide selection of teddies lingerie nightwear as well as cheap babydoll lingerie.


There are different kinds and types that you can choose from if you are looking for your own piece of teddies lingerie nightwear and cheap babydoll lingerie.


The Conservative Types

Do not be mistaken, the conservative types are not similar to the usual nightwear that women have which has teddy prints on it. In an erotic lingerie online shop, conservative nightwear and lingerie, still appear sexy yet not too overly erotic. For instance, for a teddies lingerie nightwear there are conservative designs that look like one-piece clubwear, but are made out of laces. There are also those, which appear like bodystockings while some are made in transparent lace with revealing V-neck designs.


For the cheap babydoll lingerie, the conservative styles and designs spaghetti straps babydoll lingerie, sheer babydoll, shoulder straps ruffle trim babydoll, and the likes.


The Tolerant Types

These designs would comprise of sexier pieces revealing your sexiness but not entirely. For a teddies lingerie nightwear these would include halter teddies, front lace-up teddies, lace hollow out teddies, and the likes. Cheap babydoll lingerie would include flyaway front babydoll, padded cups babydoll, sheer adjustable straps babydoll, and many others.


The Fierce Types

The fierce types are for the brave of heart. Wearing such designs would definitely make you look like and feel like an adult actress. For teddies lingerie nightwear examples of these are front gathering lace teddies, lace sexy teddies revealing the busts, open crotch teddies, and more. On the other hand, cheap babydoll lingerie has transparent halter babydoll, short sheer mesh babydolls, underbust style babydolls, bosom naked babydoll lingerie, and others.


Media Contact: ;


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Grow Taller 4 Idiots - An eBook with Natural Growth Remedies

The safe and natural growth methods will surely produce results's insight:

Minato, Japan 07/02/2014:People who face discrimination and insult due to their height must read this eBook that offers natural growth remedies. Mr. Darwin, a Vietnamese wrote his personal experience on how to grow tall with the help of natural growth factors. To know more about the famous growth book that enjoyed lot of popularity online, logon to

Being short is not a sin as it is hereditary from parents. But short people often face intimidating situations in public where in silly jokes are made. By practicing Darwin’s natural techniques, there will not be any side effects as it is natural and safe. According to the author, human growth is mainly influenced by growth promoting hormone i.e. HGH. It is a natural hormone found in human body meant for growth. In the growth book, author capitalized the power of HGH along with simple exercises and workouts.

The Grow Taller 4 Idiots is a successful program when it is implemented as recommended. For guaranteed results, one should follow strict exercise regimen along with recommended diet. Stretching and yoga will surely stretch spinal cord muscles and makes it straight. By doing so, one can enhance their height by almost two to five inches with straight spinal bone. The book recommends strict diet schedule that includes vitamins, minerals and food that stimulate growth. 

About Grow Taller 4 Idiots
This is an eBook written by Mr. Darwin Smith. This book has got wide popularity as it assures guaranteed results. Like other eBooks, it is not available in local or online stores. It can be ordered only from author’s official website at low price. 

Media Contact:
Mr. Darwin Smith


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Good Samaritans donate AC Units and money after robbery

Good Samaritans donate AC Units and money after robbery's insight:

May 16th 2014 ,MIAMI (WSVN) -- A South Florida youth center got a cool gift after thieves took off with its air conditioning units.

The thieves hit the C.L Gaskin Center over the weekend, but some Good Samaritans stepped up to help.


"Thank you. We just want to say, thank you. I thank you, the heart of the city thanks you," said Melody Mobley to the Good Samaritans who donated a new AC unit to the C.L. Gaskin Center.


"I saw this on the news last night, and it touched me," said Antonio Primo, the owner of Express Plus Pharmacy. "They're doing an amazing job. You know, they have a church, and the fact that this even happened, I was a little upset about it, so I wanted to do something to help out."


The AC units are on top of the building. The units were ripped apart for the copper wiring.


Mobley and her husband were sweaty and heartbroken Monday morning when they took cell phone video of the theft and closed the doors to their facility, which houses the organization called The Heart of the City, which is dedicated to the youth in the community.


"Our building is a ministry," said Mobley. "We have a girl's program called Girls of Inspiration. We also have a ministry that comes here. We have people who we let use the building. From the generosity, we can still go on to do the things that we did."


A cool down came quick after 7News viewers stepped in to help. "They're helping the youths in the community, and as a foster parent I think it's important to help the youth," said Annette Wellington.

Wellington lives in Miramar, and she donated a five-ton AC unit that was in her garage and not being used.


Primo bought a brand new AC unit for the center and had it delivered. "I don't even understand how people can do this to them, but it's not for us to understand. We have to make a move when we have an opportunity," said Primo.


Attorney and medical referral service company 411 Pain decided to donate $2,500 towards fixtures to the C.L. Gaskin Center. "South Florida has been very good to 1-800-411-PAIN, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to give back," said Robert Lewin, the owner of 411 Pain.


The Mobleys are very grateful for the donations. "It's a blessing. It's just a blessing," said Melody Mobley.


"It's a bit overwhelming," said Dwight Mobley.


If you have any information about the crime that occurred at the C.L. Gaskin Center, call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Remember, you can always remain anonymous, and you may be eligible for a reward.

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CXO Collective Partners with Botanika to Accelerate Growth

CXO Collective International, LLC (“CXO”) has announced providing strategic funding to Botanika Research Laboratories (“Botanika”).'s insight:

Jupiter, FL, May 9th, 2014 – CXO Collective International, LLC (“CXO”) has announced providing strategic funding to Botanika Research Laboratories (“Botanika”).  Botanika developed and owns the Neydharting Moor Skin and Body Care line (see The funding supports the expansion of the company’s hugely successful QVC multiple product launches. Experts from multiple CXO Chapters are providing consultancy and support services in the areas of IT, social media, merchant services, logistics, operations and cash flow management to enhance the rapid growth rate the company is experiencing.


CXO Chief Executive Officer Jason Myers said, “Partnering with Botanika to provide strategic funding and expert support services demonstrates the essence of the CXO business model which is focused on providing human and financial capital needed for the company to accelerate their quest to reach the next level of success at a faster rate than internal organic growth can provide allowing for a win for Botanika and win for CXO.” Myers said “CXO also worked with Botanika management to develop a revised strategy for capturing a larger share of the beauty and skin care marketplace providing greater awareness to the consuming public of its “best of class” expanding product line.”


Myers explained that CXO itself had been swept into a wildly successful rapid expansion launching and operating CXO Chapters in 10 US cities, and currently building out 3 additional cities for Q2 in 2014.  “CXO looks for opportunities, like Botanika, to leverage our deep and wide international talent bench and access to capital to execute well-conceived, co-created growth plans for growing companies.”  stated Myers.


Neydharting Moor is the only skincare line in the world that uses the peat and peat water from the famous Neydharting Moor –which contains over 1000 naturally-sourced botanicals, herbs and nutrients – 300 of which have proven anti-aging properties. 

By combining these natural botanicals with scientifically advanced peptides, Neydharting Moor Skin and Body Care deeply hydrates and visibly improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while increasing skin elasticity.


The proprietary peat and peat water are the basis of treatments at the world famous Neydharting Healing Clinic and are so effective that they have been endorsed and subsidized by health care plans in five European countries.


Myers said that his company is proud to strategically align itself with Botanika because it provides the opportunity to bring to America the only skincare line in the world endowed with the rights to use the proprietary and deeply hydrating Peat and Peat Water from the renowned Neydharting Moor in Austria.  Dennis L. Johnson, Ph.D., CEO & Founder of Botanika Research Laboratories, while thanking CXO for the strategic funding and strategy revision said, “Neydharting Moor will do everything possible to continue providing our esteemed customers with the highest quality skin and body care products.  The new strategic relationship has come at the right time, as we are embarking on an intensive production which is aimed at providing our customers with a product that will not only help their skin glow but also keep it nourished and moisturized while addressing all the major signs of aging, fatigue and environmental damage.”

About CXO Collective

CXO Collective International, LLC, is an international private equity firm that is creating a new generation of first-class companies by providing equity investments, growth strategies and the executive talent to successfully execute action plans for select, early-stage and developed businesses with untapped potential. For more information on the CXO Collective, you can visit

Contact Information:

 Debra Elderkin

CXO Collective International, LLC.


4300 S. U.S. Hwy 1, STE 203-117

Jupiter, FL 33477

Telephone:  (561) 935-9977



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