Advancements in Social Media
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Rescooped by Nic Padula from Social Media Marketing!

The End of Email as a Mass Marketing Tool - Businessweek

The End of Email as a Mass Marketing Tool - Businessweek | Advancements in Social Media |
The End of Email as a Mass Marketing Tool
According to Yahoo (YHOO) Advertising Solutions, 78% of Chief Marketing Officers think custom content is the future of marketing.

Via Monique Moore
Monique Moore's curator insight, February 24, 2014 4:30 PM

This article definitely stuck out to me because it is super relatable as a marketing major and as a consumer. It discusses why mass marketing through email will soon be a thing of the past, and social media is the future. People do not like emails anymore and try to avoid using them as much as possible. Social media allows mass marketers to put out content and then tag, track, and share it. 

I think this is super important because personally, I get about 30 emails a day to my email, and most of them are from someone trying to sell me something. Most of the time, I'll delete them, unless there is a really good deal inside. So on one hand, I do like signing up for an email subscription because then I receive special offers that many people won't receive. However, it is extremely annoying to sift through so many promotional emails in one day. And I do see a few advertisements on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube, which are starting to grow in number. I think this is what most companies are going to start to do in terms of mass marketing. I think this will allow companies to better pinpoint their target markets and consumer engagement.

Scooped by Nic Padula!

Facebook Messenger Is Looking More and More like Snapchat

Facebook Messenger Is Looking More and More like Snapchat | Advancements in Social Media |
Since Facebook couldn’t have Snapchat, the social network now wants to make it obsolete.
Nic Padula's insight:

There's a very basic law of technology that states that it is always advancing, and as soon as something is released something better is underway. This law is very pivotal when combined with another business concept: never be the first to do something, always be the second to do it better. These two concept have consistently made websites, ideas, and applications better then predecessors before it.For example, Facebook did Social Networking better than Myspace, and Instagram  (also owned by Facebook) did short video better than Vine. As many people are begining to wonder what's going to be done better next, Facebook seems to have its sights sent on revamping and owning Instant Messaging and Chat.

Specifically, the popular ephemeral application, Snapchat, might be the next victim of Facebook. After rejecting a buy-out from Facebook, the company continues to add new and attractive features to the platform. However, due to the size of the company that created Snapchat and their lack of incoming revenue, it isn't likely that a company like Facebook (with high revenue) could do a lot better job at an ephemeral app. Weather people will jump ships to a new app, however, can only been seen in due time. 

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