Getting your kids into comic strips is easy. Just pick up a newspaper or visit a comic strip website Then, you can extend the educational value by helping them create a strip of their own. Some kids need only a blank piece of paper and pencil to churn out box after box. For those who need a prompt, you can enjoy the fun of creating one together. You’ll be surprised how easy it is. Try these ideas:

Draw a row of story boxes or print one from the Internet— try A few large boxes is best at first. Your child can work up to a grid when s»he’s ready for a longer sequence.Brainstorm with your young cartoonist. Will the characters be humans or animals? What emotions might they display—happiness, sadness, anger? Where does the story take place?Think about real-life situations to depict, such as a joke Dad told yesterday or a wacky thing that happened on the way to school. Move on to fantasy if your child wishes.You can either draw by hand or use a free online comic strip generator (like my site,!

Via Sharrock