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actions de concertation citoyenne
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Il faut enseigner le logiciel libre en France

Il faut enseigner le logiciel libre en France | actions de concertation citoyenne |
Selon Patrice Bertrand, Roberto Di Cosmo et Stéfane Fermigier, il est urgent que le système éducatif apprenne aux futurs ingénieurs à manipuler cette nouvelle matière première de l'informatique.

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Fiction, Nonfiction, and Hybrid Transmedia Stories | Transmedia Digest

"Transmedia storytelling can work equally well for fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid forms that combine fiction and non-fiction". Réflexion intéressante dont nous pouvons nous inspirer pour l'enseignement. Et en particulier l'exemple donné en fin de billet :

"Imagine having the same series of news stories, but adding more content based on the documents via various media channels. For example:A series of YouTube videos of 4 or 5 minutes each in which participants in the testing were interviewedA Google Maps/Earth mashup in which locations identified in the source documents are linked to the documents and an analysis of precisely what was tested and whenA series of tweets presenting a day-by-day synopsis of documents describing individual trials."

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