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Recently, I contributed to a discussion on LinkedIn on curation and how curation will transform education and learning. The discussion started innocent enough asking why curation will transform education. Most of the contributors were discussing things like ‘how curation is making education better’ or ‘how to improve curation.’

One educator said “we might be over thinking and letting yet another buzzword get in the way of the end result. Over analyzation = bad decisions, bad choices perhaps confusion and/or the ability to make a decision, or even bad content. One should carefully think about what goes into something we call a ‘course’ – no matter the delivery method, but in my opinion, we have to try to balance that with time versus value versus budget versus outcome. We cannot have it all so we, as educators, must choose what we feel is relevant.” This comment illustrates a problem that we come across all the time. We promote the use of games and simulations in education.

One of the major stumbling blocks with our education clients is that they perceive games as ‘yet another thing’ that they have to get their heads around to teach in class. We have tried to address this by asking them to modify this approach in class from being an expert to being a facilitator.

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