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Exploring Interactive Visualization

Exploring Interactive Visualization | actions de concertation citoyenne |

We often spend time talking to organizations that initially believe developing one or more static infographics is the best approach. Many times, we discover that their objectives, narrative, existing content, and the profile of their target audience suggest we should be considering developing an interactive work product instead.
As infographics become a more prevalent form of communication, we look ahead to other meaningful ways to impart information. This article serves as an introduction to interactive visualizations, with more detailed articles on the topic still to come.

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OccupyDesign | actions de concertation citoyenne |

Occupy Wall Street Hackathons Produce Digital Tools and New Activists : "Building a visual language for the 99%, grassroots style. Infographic + other protest signs, logistical signage, and universal icons to support the Occupy Together movement."

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