actions de concertation citoyenne
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actions de concertation citoyenne
participation citoyenne aux prises de décision d'intérêt général
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Après l’économie COLLABORATIVE, l’entreprise collaborative

Après l’économie COLLABORATIVE, l’entreprise collaborative | actions de concertation citoyenne |

Les pratiques collaboratives d’entreprise, une réponse aux problématiques actuellesConfrontées à des problématiques économiques et sociales de plus en plus marquées, les entreprises se tournent vers les solutions collaboratives. Celles-ci ont fait leurs preuves en matière de lien social et d’optimisation des ressources.

Via Aurélien BADET, Corinne Chauffrut Werner , Bernard BRUNET
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Open Collaboration Encyclopedia

Open Collaboration Encyclopedia | actions de concertation citoyenne |

A New Cultural Literacy (version 2.3)

We bring with us into the future many ideas from the past about how to build the world, how to relate with each other, how to think, how to create, how to share. Advancements in our understanding of what really works, and works for everyone not just a few - what constitutes sustainability - is rapidly sweeping away long-held certainties. The playing field has had its gravity rules flipped. As a result a new game is emerging.


What if you were told that every traditional model of ownership, hierarchy, economics, politics, organization, education, and evolution you had ever taken for granted could be turned on its head, had been turned on its head, and was now in many cases working better than it did before? We imagine you would say, “Where can I get some?”.


Ed. Alpha Lo and Alden Bevington

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NEW: Best Online COLLABORATION Tools - 370+ Tools Organized and Ranked By Category

NEW: Best Online COLLABORATION Tools - 370+ Tools Organized and Ranked By Category | actions de concertation citoyenne |

Software tools, web apps and services for online collaboration

Via Robin Good
Learning Technologist's curator insight, January 21, 7:08 PM

This listing neatly presents and organises a huuuge amount of tools that could be used for your next collaboration project 

Noel Bernabed Cruz Hernandez's curator insight, February 3, 1:20 AM

añada su visión ...

Philippe Trebaul's curator insight, March 28, 11:34 PM

If you are looking for a bird's eye view on what alternative collaboration tools are now available for different kind of projects and purposes, I do have what you are looking for.

The new Best Online Collaboration Tools 2014 directory is now public. It contains over 370 collaboration tools organized in over 25 different categories ranging from video-conferencing to screen-sharing, collaborative reviewing and many more.

The tools listed have all been checked and verified and represent my own personal census on what is available today for each one of the categories listed. There is no attempt (yet) to provide individual evaluations or recommendations, though I have tried to subjectively rank tools in each category according to their value and importance.

The directory is updated weekly.

New suggestions, comments and request for revisions and changes are highly welcome.

Free to use.

Try it out now: (370+ tools)

Previous editions:

Best Online Collaboration Tools 2013 (250+ tools)
 Best Online Collaboration Tools 2008 - 2012 (277 tools)