Legal Issues in TRANSMEDIA Projects – Part 2 | actions de concertation citoyenne |

Collaborating with others is often a key part of pulling together a Transmedia project. However, collaboration also raises some important legal questions which need to be addressed.


For example from a copyright perspective, when people collaborate together unless the individual contributions are truly distinct and clearly identifiable the resulting copyright work will likely be regarded as a ‘joint copyright work’, which means all owners must approve any use of that copyright work. Luckily however the law does allow for copyright ownership to be split and the rights of use to be clarified by contract.


Despite this, when projects develop informally, often issues arise when everyone finally tries to decide what they had previously been promised and envisaged and record this in contracts. Therefore it is important that contracts are in place at the outset of any project and as well as dealing with core issues of ownership, any contracts also need to cover key issues such as deliverables, timeframes and remuneration for those involved.



Via The Digital Rocking Chair