Acer Iconia W511
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Acer Iconia W511
Amazing Iconia W511. I just bought one Iconia W511 (3G version with SIM slot) a few weeks ago hoping that this will maximize my travel time to and from work which is about 3 to 4 hours everyday at which I can work on my MS office documents and other things that I need to do on the Internet. I'm happy that I got and am enjoying more than what I expected. I also connect my projector to my Acer laptop at work everyday when I do some presentations and lectures and I wanted to have a smaller laptop (or net book) which should fit on a small projector trolley I designed which can be rolled along narrow aisles with all the necessary accessories and mini-sound equipment designed for 50 to 100 audience. I didn't rush into the net book (10.1 inch laptop) idea as I saw that Acer came up with the Iconia W501 more than a year ago and expecting that a new version with better features will be available anytime. My waiting has paid off. The Iconia W511 3G version is just perfect for my situation and needs. The USB and the HDMI extensions already with the package are just what I needed where my projector, a combo wireless mouse and keyboard (in two places as keyboard dock was not available when I purchased mine), a 500 GB extension hard drive, a multi-card reader, and external DVD drive and other USB gadgets can be connected. When I need to play DVD without the external player, I just create mirror image copies and play them with the Daemon image drives. I just hope that Acer will also come up with more applications such as phone capability and GPS which I also enjoy using with my mini-liquid Acer smart phone. I also have a Samsung Tab 2 (3G) which is capable of making and receiving phone calls. Will Acer be able to incorporate these conveniences and features in their Windows 8 tablets? Adding together the Acer mini-liquid and the Iconia W511 features plus additional memory makes a perfect machine.
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