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Solar Energy: Capturing The Power Of The Sun For Electricity [INFOGRAPHIC] #solar #energy

Solar Energy: Capturing The Power Of The Sun For Electricity [INFOGRAPHIC] #solar #energy | Accountability In Business |
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It's time. Solar and renewable energy is our future. Laser Focus Coaching owner Sandy Bonney is doing her part and added solar panels to her family cottage.

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How to Listen When Someone Is Venting

How to Listen When Someone Is Venting | Accountability In Business |

When you're faced with an upset customer, client, employee, shareholder, child, parent, spouse, friend, it can actually feel like they're bulging with emotion and about to explode. Don't give advice, but don't just sit there either.

Via Karl Wabst
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Always listen and take accoutability.

Karl Wabst's curator insight, May 9, 2013 8:33 PM

I teach this technique when leading business transformation. It may be social business transformation or for social customer service, communications for credit and collections or negotiation techniques.


Learning to actively listen is a very important skill. Sometimes both sides learn something.


Here's a good resource:


A critical step any manager should take when creating desire to
change is tol isten. The power of true listening and empathy is
often underestimated. In many cases employees simply want to
be heard and to voice their objections. Understanding these
objections can often provide a clear path toward resolution.
Listening can also help managers identify misunderstandings
about the change. Rumors and background conversation often
produce incorrect messages and wrong perceptions. Only
through listening can managers identify these wrong
perceptions and provide a correct and clear story about the

Caution: When engaging in this process, managers should
avoid debating or arguing with employees. The goal is to listen
and understand, and provide clarity about the change.

Prosci's top-10 action steps for managing resistance to change

Laser Focus Coaching's comment, May 16, 2013 6:31 AM
Great comment Karl, listen with empathy not sympathy.