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How to take meeting notes that really work | Macworld

How to take meeting notes that really work | Macworld | academiPad |
We all have to go to meetings. Some of us have to take notes on those meetings. Here's one workflow for making sure those notes are as useful as possible.
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What is really great about this article is how it discusses how note taking can be integrated with your task management. Check the "Action items" section:


"The next step is to make sure I do what I need to do after the meeting.

The key is OmniFocus and its Mail Drop service; put simply, that means I can email to-do items to myself. For this to work, I sync OmniFocus with the Omni Sync Server. You have to apply to use the Mail Drop service; when I did, I received my invite in a matter of minutes. Once accepted, I set up a unique email address that is my direct link to the Sync Server.

Using the latest version of Drafts, I configured a customized email action called ‘Email to OmniFocus Mail Drop’. This action sends a given note to my personalized OmniFocus email address using the first line of the note as the subject."

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Working On The Go | Inside Higher Ed

Working On The Go | Inside Higher Ed | academiPad |

Starbucks is one of my favorite places to work. Coffee, company, and a relaxing atmosphere help me concentrate and keep focused on my task. As it can be a pain to lug my laptop everywhere, I have a tablet and a mobile phone that I use when working away from my desk. But working on my iPad is only useful if I have the right tools to support my workflow, and the ability to access my documents across platforms. This post provides hacks for productively managing a workflow across different devices and working in any location!

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