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How Many Hearts Can You Touch In One Day?

I watched Anna Krajec struggle for years to develop the book 'ABC of Conscious Parenting – Agreements Before (and After) Conceiving!' without losing sight or faith. I KNOW the soft whispers of a young son long time transitioned channeled the penning of its pages and the yearning thereafter his transition to touch as many hearts, lives and futures as possible became the miracle that channeled it to completion. Simply ... I adore her ... she is wise beyond years. I recommend her book because I KNOW it can and will transform the way we do parenting and gift generations the WISDOM, solidity, LOVE and assurance that SEEDS the light of empowering futures.

Please watch this 2 minute video:

July 2nd is Anna Krajec's birthday and the official public launch of her book:
ABC of Conscious Parenting – Agreements Before (and After) Conceiving!

Anna is asking everyone to please buy the e-book that day, as 100% of all proceeds of books purchased that day will go to 2 very special charities:

- Don't Worry Be Happy Foundation –

- Children Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition –

You will also receive 8 free gifts from me on my birthday, if you buy the book that day. Even if you are not interested in the matter yourself, they are many people in your life that will be.

Please purchase the E-Book on Monday, July 2nd before 9 pm Pacific time and send this to everyone you know on your e-mail list and Facebook friends and ask them to do the same.

By purchasing this book and asking others to do the same, you help SHIFT THE PARADIGM of how children come and are raised into our world, as well making a difference in many families and children's with catastrophic illnesses, such as Cancer.

ADDITIONALLY, please LIKE her Facebook Page: ABC of Conscious Parenting, and if you have a Tweeter Account, hers is: ABCofPXparents. She will have a Tweeter Party at The HAPPY Place in Laguna Beach, California from 10 am to 9:30 pm live to help sell as many books as possible there that day. So please join the live campaign if you are nearby. Founders, Jim and Mina: 949.715.6789 - The HAPPY Place, 1042 North Coast Highway, Laguna Beach CA 92651.

To Purchase the ABC of Conscious Parenting on July 2nd, go to:

To receive your free gifts: Write an e-mail with your purchase receipt to: and you will receive a link to download the additional 8 books.

For more information about the book and Christofer Krajec please visit:

Those who are generously sharing their time, talent and gifts at the Happy Place July 2nd 10 am- IF YOU LEAVE in Laguna Beach or nearby, STOP BY and get a HUG!

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