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Politics, Science, Art, Web, Business: a curation of 2013 events (and 2012, and 2011)
Curated by Marc Rougier
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Dec 2013: Nelson Mandela

Dec 2013: Nelson Mandela | A Year in 12 Posts | Scoop.it
Marc Rougier's insight:

Died in December 2013. His courage, vision, tenacity and wisdom changed his country and made him an admirable leader of unique dimension.

Nelson Mandela inspires leaders beyond Africa and beyond politic.

Other people, famous and infamous, said goodbye in 2013 : Hugo Chavez (March),  Margaret Thatcher (April),  Henri Dutilleux (May),  Tom ClancyVo Nguyen Giap (October), Peter O'TooleMikhail Kalashnikov (December)...


2013 for Scoop.it


In 2013, Scoop.it entered the era of meritoc[u]racy, aka #curatethecurators: peer organization of the best topics in interests. We have also more millionaires, our most succesful curators having even passed the 3 million bar views!

Scoop.it also further proved its values to professionals and businesses. Read what the web says and checkout a few business topics.

We are also always eager to share, learn and progress! Please join the conversation on our blog, on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Thanks a lot to all of you, our users and our community, for a great 2013. It was tough, exciting and rewarding at the same time.

Peace, success and fun to all, for a greater 2014! 

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Dec 2011: Nobel Prize for Peace

Dec 2011: Nobel Prize for Peace | A Year in 12 Posts | Scoop.it

"Africa's first elected female head of state, a Liberian peace activist, and a human rights activist from Yemen are the three female winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize."

Marc Rougier's insight:

Beautiful ending for 2011.

And a last message of hope - or dream -, Kepler mission has confirmed its first planet in the habitable zone.

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Dec 2012: End of the World

Dec 2012: End of the World | A Year in 12 Posts | Scoop.it

"More Americans die in gun homicides and suicides in six months than have died in the last 25 years in every terrorist attack and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined"

By Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times.

Marc Rougier's insight:

December was not the end of the world.

Eventually. The Maya miscalculated. Still, terrible news from Connecticut to Syria. More on coveting freedom here, a curation by Ammar Adulhamid, aka Amarji on Scoop.it and @Tharwacolamus on Twitter.

To make us dream and travel farther: Voyager 1 is reaching the edge of our solar system! Launched in 1977, it's now 18 billions km away from the Sun and its messages take 17h to reach us (at the speed of light...). As far as a human-made device has ever been. And still going!

December also made history in Chess: Magnus Carlsen, the youngest world #1 player, has beaten Kasparov's record rating of 2851. 

Oh, and Psy Gangnam Style hit the 1 billion mark this month! ;-)

Wishing you all freedom, happiness, success and good vibes for 2013.

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