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A New Society, a new education!
Direct Proposals to organize a new Education in the Knowledge Society.
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What is Positive Psychology?

"What is Positive Psychology?" A "white board animation" sponsored by Test Prep Gurus. Written and Produced by: Nick Standlea Animation Technique Development...

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It makes sense for families to capitalize on their strengths.

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Produits Universaliss Bank....Produits Universaliss Laboratory

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Positive much?

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8 Harsh Truths that Will Improve Your Life

8 Harsh Truths that Will Improve Your Life | A New Society, a new education! | Scoop.it

"This article made me curious, and it points out some good ideas. I hope that some of these will open your eyes! " ~Sophie

They say life is what we make of it. By the end of this post, I hope to have helped you decide whether that statement is true or not.


There is no doubt that life has its ups and downs. However, how we deal with them can sometimes make all the difference. Today I want to share eight harsh truths that I’ve come to learn from life. There’s also a message in each that I think we can all learn from, and when applied, will improve our lives infinitely.


Some of these lessons may be old-hat for you. If so, look for ways to refine the idea to ensure your getting the most out of it. On the other hand, you may completely disagree with an idea or two and that’s great! Let us know your thoughts so we can all learn from each other.


Read more: http://dailyhealthboost.com/2012/01/22/8-harsh-truths-that-will-improve-your-life/

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