A Marketing Mix
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A Marketing Mix
Adventures in advertising and marketing - the contemporary, the historical, and the hysterical. http://deanna.dahlsad.com/
Curated by Deanna Dahlsad
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Consulting & Other Services

Consulting & Other Services | A Marketing Mix | Scoop.it

Have you decided that you need to begin, firmly establish, or update your online presence — but you feel stuck, wondering what platform to use, what networks to join? I’ll help you identify which content management software, social media venues, &/or content curation sites are not only of the most value to your brand & product identities, but best suited to your own assets.

Do you feel overwhelmed by technology? Does trying to understand SEO & PR, let alone implement best practices, leave you feeling frustrated? Does the learning curve threaten your ROI? Time is money, after all; so sweating it out alone can really cost you! Let me help you worry less about the latest plugins and gadgets and, instead, concentrate more on how to collect the data you need — and how to use the data you have.

Do so-called “simple” webpages & profiles intimidate you, forcing you to procrastinate? I’ll personally train you in how to set up those sites with one-on-one tutoring. Or, if you prefer, I can set them up for you.

Whether you could use some help getting started or staying motivated, whether you need someone to steer you in the right direction or just be a sounding board to help you sort out all the things you have read (or that are in your head!), I can help. Schedule a consultation appointment with me, and we can discuss in real-time — on the phone, via chat/instant messenger, or in email — your business needs.

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Scooped by Deanna Dahlsad

UP to the DL: Blog Tours & Marketing Services

UP to the DL: Blog Tours & Marketing Services | A Marketing Mix | Scoop.it

U.P. to the D.L. is the dynamic duo of Deanna Dahlsad & Laura Brown, two wordy grrls who met 10 years ago as columnists at (the now defunct) Backwash.com.

Of course, both had been writing and promoting online (and off) long before that time, so the slow demise of one site didn’t keep them from continuing to do what they do — or being friends. *wink*

Our latest joint projects are Inherited Values and Ululating Undulating Ungulate. (If you visit the sites and are interested in joining us there, please check out the “about” pages!)

Because of our years of experience in the Internet trenches, we’ve long been individually helping other writers, bloggers, artists, sellers, and entrepreneurs start-up or increase their online presence; now we’ve joined forces, offering you our firsthand knowledge and experience.

We offer specialized services, such as:

Blog Tours
Marketing Consultation
Website Reviews
Individualized & Customized Services Upon Request
Bloggers, you have brands too, so any of these services can be tailored to suit you!

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Curated by Deanna Dahlsad
An opinionated woman obsessed with objects, entertained by ephemera, intrigued by researching, fascinated by culture & addicted to writing. The wind says my name; doesn't put an @ in front of it, so maybe you don't notice. http://www.kitsch-slapped.com
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A Marketing Mix
Adventures in advertising and marketing - the contemporary, the historical, and the hysterical. http://deanna.dahlsad.com/
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