WA community college violates Public Records Laws, retaliates against adjuncts filing requests | A is for Adjunct | Scoop.it
Keith Hoeller, GRAFA (Green River Adjunct Faculty
Association), Olympia WA, writes about violations of Public Records
Laws and retaliation for making public records requests,

"To whom it may concern, I have been told by several knowledgeable people that Green River Community College has not been complying with state and federal laws on the keeping and releasing of public records....Union leaders have been reluctant to produce emails under our state's public disclosure laws.


Indeed, two instances of retaliation have already happened. On July 30 I was harassed and threatened by a member of our faculty union's executive board. The board member approached me in a state of anger and fury because a reporter from  AdjunctNation had requested the emails of our union president....This same board member recently harassed and threatened another adjunct who had filed a public records request. And a second union board member, who has supervisory authority over the adjunct, did the same."


Exercpted from letter by Keith Hoeller to WA Senate Higher Education Committee and highered media. Why is this and other breaches of conduct (and WA state code) being ignored by the state, the college, the union, local and higher ed media?


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