Quick Take + comments

The New Faculty Majority, a national group for those faculty members who work off the tenure track, has started offering health insurance plans for members who live in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Lack of health insurance (or lack of access to more affordable group rates on health insurance) is a major issue for adjuncts who work at many colleges that limit access to their coverage.

Big City public U adjunct says New Faculty Majority insurance plans are awful and writes, "I am glad the New Faculty Majority is organizing adjuncts, but the type of insurance they're offering is horrifically bad."

New Faculty Majority board member and chair of insurance initiative responds, "NFM plans fill a much-needed gap....[the] interpretation that NFM's health plan is "awful" [compares it to standard employer] coverage and an unusual and lucky situation that makes it difficult... to look at this for what it is. Some coverage is better than no coverage.

Yes, this is a limited medical plan. Limited in what it covers and how much it pays. NFM is not an employer so we cannot offer traditional employer coverage as full-time faculty, and a few adjuncts, have with their universities. We also are a fairly young group. For those two reasons, we are not able to offer "normal" health insurance to our members - YET. Insurance carriers are not willing to take a risk with young associations but when NFM gains longevity, visiblity, and members, carriers will provide us better coverage, even "normal" coverage, for our members.

For now, NFM's plan ensures no NFM member in these states will be turned down for health coverage. Try getting individual coverage with Anthem or some other major carrier. IF they agree to cover you, see how much they charge for premiums AND what they also will exclude and make you wait for coverage for.

NFM's plan is providing a much-needed benefit for adjuncts and we've heard from many who are thrilled to have something because as I said, something is better than nothing.

...let us know how [this] institution has been able to offer such a great plan to adjuncts. Was it the result of organized action by faculty or the foresight of enlightened administrators?