MLA subconference | MLA subconference – Resisting Vulnerable Times | A is for Adjunct |
January 8-9, 2014*
Location: TBA
Deadline for submissions: November 15


This year, the MLA hosts its annual convention in Chicago, IL under the title of “Vulnerable Times.” As in past years, committees and special sessions will be convened to address the pressing material and financial conditions shaping our profession and its possible futures.


But who are the subjects of such times? While individuals certainly experience it in different ways, vulnerability is distributed disparately across constituencies and groups as part of the systematic reproduction of hierarchies and forms of segregation that have long characterized higher education....


What is the role of graduate students, contingent workers, and autonomous intellectuals in organizing to change the distribution and affects of vulnerability today? Can those of us struggling on the strange outside and inside of the profession, on the margins of an institution but constituting the bulk of its labor, afford to do otherwise?