Don, Updated - 06/29/2012...Barbara Lippert


"Look! Up in the balcony! Wearing a deep tan, Cuban shirt, linen pants, and Florsheim shoes! It’s Don Draper!

Well, kinda, sorta, maybe. The actor Jon Hamm did appear at the Cannes Lions “Festival of Creativity” last week, and in his own modern man-wear, and loose, non-shellacked hair, looked much younger than Don ever has. Imported as a special guest to electrify a private cocktail party held by agency McGarry Bowen, Hamm indeed earned his dough. He spoke a little, mingled happily, and even posed for photos, Bar Mitzvah style.

As you might imagine, the actual ad peeps gathered there went gaga..."read more about Jon Hamm and project Re:brief campaign"