A Simple CRUD Demo with Koa.js | nodeJS and Web APIs | Scoop.it

In my previous blog post, I have introduced Koa.js, a new framework building Node.js apps, by leveraging harmony (ECMAScript 6) features of JavaScript. In this blog post, I will demonstrate how to write a web app in Koa.js with basic CRUD functionalities. The source code of the demo web app is available on Github.

In order to working with Koa.js, you must install Node 0.11.9 or higher for JavaScript generator support. After installing Node 0.11.9 or higher, you can install Koa.js using npm.

Koa is a minimalist framework and does not bundled with middleware, so that Koa itself, does not provide routing infrastructure. To use routing for Koa, you can use koa-route, which is a simple route middleware for Koa.

Via Jan Hesse