Bruno Rebelle "Transition énergétique: Le débat, enfin!" | "3e" | Energy - Ecology - Economy |

Energy Transition: The debate, finally!


So here I am embedded in the steering committee of the national debate on energy transition. After, with some colleagues, invested - spontaneously and on a voluntary basis - to contribute to the preparation of this debate and identify, as far as possible, the conditions for success, we were pleased to see that the Environmental Conference 14 and September 15 had accepted most of the recommendations that we made for the organization of this debate. Requested by the Minister Delphine Batho, I agreed to serve on this Committee which will ensure the quality of trade, transparency in the debate and consideration of all points of view, and I did it for two reasons.


The first is that this debate is urgently needed. The transition energy is an imperative for our society must significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, reduce dependence on imported energy resources (oil, gas, uranium) and ensure, at the lowest cost energy supply of households , businesses, communities and public services. The magnitude of the changes required to engage to debate among all actors in society, choices must be made.Because, beyond the technical and organizational options, this is a new kind of society we will discuss, a project where the watchwords are simplicity and efficiency and the structure of energy production to meet our needs control, has been completely redesigned from another site to make more dispersed and decentralized systems. This issue on the merits is inseparable from the debate as a successful democratic process.