Thatcher - the unlikely trail-blazer of a green economy? | "3e" | Energy - Ecology - Economy |

The battle over Thatcher's legacy is now underway. The champion of self-determination, entreneurship and liberty? Or the servant to markets, privatisation and individualism at the expense of all else? The debate will rage on.

Amid the flurry of opinion there is one moment that should not go un-noted.In June 1990 Thatcher warned representatives of more than 100 nations that the destruction of the earth's ozone layer was proceeding even faster than scientists had feared. She said that efforts to reduce ozone-destroying chemicals must be hastened. Her speech opened an international meeting that resulted in the Montreal Protocol, an agreement on a worldwide end to the production of chlorofluorocarbon chemicals. The USA and the UK - the free market champions, and the two largest producers of these chemicals - lead the creation of the Montreal Protocol.