Don’t Throw out Baby Macbeth: Common Core says think bigger, better, and beyond the book | Roz | 21st Century Literacy and Learning |

Common Core is akin to telling you that students have to learn how to play tennis or piano. They are expected to know the game. The game? Deconstructing text. Because in the real world you need to be able to understand text, create text, and interpret text. The Common Core does NOT state that you cannot teach poetry, fiction, or narrative nonfiction. What it does say is that you must teach ANALYSIS. Kids need to know how to deconstruct text. All text. English teachers lament all across the nation that they cannot teach their poetry unit as is. And they can’t. We, English teachers, no longer just teach content. We teach skills so that kids can tackle any content. If you are just teaching the content of books as the center of your curriculum, shame on you.

Via Roz Linder