Mobile phones expose businesses to massive risks | 21st Century Tools for Teaching-People and Learners |

Organizations are failing to respond to the culture of employees using their own mobile devices for work and are opening up their systems to security risks.

These are the preliminary findings of a survey by PwC and Infosecurity Europe.

82% of large organisations reported security breaches caused by staff, including 47% who lost or leaked confidential information.

Only 39% of large organisations encrypt data downloaded to smart phones and tablets
54% of small businesses (38% of large organisations) don’t have a security awareness programme
While 52% of small businesses say social networking sites are important to their business, only 8% monitor what their staff post on those sites.


Some 75% of large organisations (and 61% of small businesses) allow staff to use smart phones and tablets to connect to their corporate systems and yet only 39% (24% of small businesses) apply data encryption on the devices.